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The Partnership Learning Platform


Phonics Books

Dog and cat

In this story, we meet Mas and Nin!
They are the aliens’ pets! People often keep pets at home.
Do you have any pets?
If you have a pet at home, perhaps you could talk about the different jobs you need to do to ensure they are looked after?
Could you do any of these jobs together?
For example, a dog needs to be washed, fed and walked!
Or if you don’t have a pet, could you ask a friend how they look after their pet?
Could you draw a picture of your pet or of your friend’s pet?
Perhaps you could give your picture to someone as a gift?

Rem and the pets

In this story, it is Rem’s birthday! Lots of friends go to her house to celebrate with her.

When is your birthday?
Do you know?
Talk together about when people have birthdays in your family and their ages.
Do you know the different months of the year?
Could you talk together about the months of the year and how many days are in that month?
Perhaps you could use a calendar to help you!

The Surf Trip

In this story, Bemp and Toab go on a surf trip!

Have you ever been surfing?
When you surf, you need to have good balance to stay on your board in the water.
Perhaps you could try some different balances together?
Could you balance on one leg?
Could you balance on your hands?
What about a one point or a two point balance?
Toab and Bemp go to the coast for their trip.
How far away do you live from the sea?
Where is your nearest beach?
Perhaps you could find out together.

New Trainers

In this story, Pock goes to buy some new trainers!
He ruins his old trainers by stepping in chewing gum!
What size are your feet?
Do you know?
Do your trainers have laces?
Or does a member of your family have a pair of shoes with laces?
Perhaps someone at home could help to teach you how to tie shoelaces!
There is a moral to this story!
Pock should not have dropped litter!
Why is it important not to litter?
Talk about this together as a family.

The Sweet Shop

In this story, the children to go the sweet shop!
Pip cracks his tooth on a hard sweet and has to go to the dentist! Thoot the dentist fixes his tooth.
Perhaps you could create your own sweet shop role play at home together?
Could you make some of your own sweets or lollipops for your shop, using coloured paper and card?
Have you ever been to the dentist?
It is very important to brush your teeth twice a day.
Could you talk about how to take care of your teeth as a family?

The Watchmaker

In this story, Dad breaks his watch when doing the housework!
Tix the watchmaker fixes his watch for him.
Dad wrote a to-do list of jobs that he had to complete whilst the children were at school!
Could you help with any jobs around the house?
Perhaps you could help to write a to-do list of things that need to be done?
There are lots of shops and services in the alien town.
Could you make a list of shops and services near to you?
What do the shops sell?
How do the services help people?