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Week Commencing Monday 22nd June 2020

Art - Junk Model Bus

Growth Mindset - Characteristics of Effective Learning

Spellings 'y'

Handwriting 'n'


Helpful links:

The wheels on the bus:

Music - Song Lyrics

Physical Development - Crawling Challenge

People and Communities - Buses

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Sun Safety

Science - Sound

Science - Sound

I hope you enjoyed the video! Here are some links to some other useful activities, sites, and videos about sound!


BBC Bitesize - Sound:


BBC Bitesize – How Distance Affects Sound:


BBC Bitesize – Sounds Made From Instruments:


BBC Bitesize - KS1 science topics (These are aimed at KS1 but are still useful for Year R):


BBC Bitesize - Working Scientifically:

Tricky Words