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The Partnership Learning Platform


Library Services 


Both Hampshire & Southampton Libraries are running an online Summer Reading Challenge during the holidays.

They have a wide, wonderful range of children’s
eBooks and eAudiobooks available to borrow from
Borrow Box.

It’s completely free! The online platform will help you
keep track of your books, reviews and rewards that you can unlock along the way.

You can find out how to join in at:

SLS - Southampton Library Services - useful Links and Free Audio Books.

Audio Book


Empathy Day on the 9th June



I’m sure you have all seen what’s been happening over in the Wizarding World.  What’s exciting is the further reading and new activities included!


The Hay Festival has gone digital and there are free films for primary and secondary students.



Hampshire County - Library Services


Digital Library service - CLICK HERE for more information 

Join the Silly Squad with this year’s Summer Reading Challenge

A fabulously fun way to encourage children aged 4 to 11 to read during the summer when reading skills can otherwise take a nose-dive


Summer reading Challenge - CLICK HERE - for more information