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The Partnership Learning Platform


Week Commencing Monday 4th May 2020

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Addition


Concept - I can tell the difference between more and less

  • I can notice how a quantity gets bigger by adding


This video will outline the key language around addition. 

It will explore more and less practically and will begin to look at what ‘more’ looks like by adding to an amount.

Lesson 1 Introduction to addition

Lesson 2 - Teaching Addition


Exploration - I can use resources to add more

This video will practically demonstrate addition, using number cards and practical resources.


It will explore number sentences using the symbols for ‘add’ and ‘equals’.


It will model number sentences practically

Lesson 2 Teaching addition

Lesson 3 - Practicing Addition


Further Exploration - I can record how to add using notation and mathematical symbols

This video will explain the use of a number line and will explain how to make a number line if this cannot be printed.

It will continue to explore addition practically using resources

It will model writing number sentences and give the children the opportunity to write their own number sentences.

Lesson 3 Practise addition

Lesson 4 - Problem solve


Problem solve - I can problem solve using addition (with the help of a number line or practical resources)


There is a resource available to print for this however I have also shown a way that this can be drawn on paper if a printer is not available.


This video will model the use of a number line to answer various addition questions.

It will continue to explore addition practically using resources

It will give opportunity for the children to write their own number sentences and find answers to mathematical problems.

Lesson 4 Problem solve addition