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The Partnership Learning Platform


Space, Science and Engineering

The European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO-UK)

The UK space education office, ESERO-UK, has a home learning page: Space challenges @ Home. Try out the new home editions of five key educational programmes launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with ESERO-UK:

The Great British Space Dinner

In December 2015, British astronaut Tim Peake will arrive on the International Space Station (ISS). During Tim’s stay on the station, where he will be undertaking important scientific work, he will need to eat, drink and stay healthy. Healthy eating and drinking is crucial for astronaut’s health due to limited availability and extreme environment of space. Microgravity creates various challenges, such as loss of bone and muscle. To reduce this loss, astronauts consume a healthy, varied diet and exercise at least for two hours per day.


Can you get fat in space?

Cows in space

Dinner party in space

STEM Learning - Home learning support for families


To support parents and carers with home learning, our subject experts have put together a selection of activities and materials, all of which are completely free for everyone to access.


Click Here for more information.


STEM Clubs Week 2020


in addition below are some interesting free publications.


Andersen Press have a free book available to download called ‘Staying Home’, by Sally Nicholls and Viviane Schwarz which is suitable for KS1.


The RAF Museum's Children's Author in Residence, Tom Palmer, has written a time-travelling short story commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  Join Yusra, Lily and Danny on their amazing adventures which will be revealed - one chapter at a time - between 29 April and 7 May 2020.  Reading comprehension activities and writing challenges accompany each chapter. Written for children aged 7+.  See link below. 

Raspberry Digital - Making at Home

Join us as we code and create projects at home. Every week we’ll share a theme that will inspire you to have fun, solve problems, and express yourselves creatively with technology. Code along with us or create something on your own!


Inspiring the next generation of IT professionals

STEM based activity packs for children aged 6 – 14.


For access to the world of engineering CLICK HERE

Nature Online - from the Natural History Museum

Hang out with the Nature Live Online team on Tuesdays at 12.00 BST and Fridays at 10.30 BST for interactive talks featuring topical discussions with our scientists and cutting-edge research.

From meteorites to mammoths, evolution to the climate crisis, Nature Live Online is a great way to explore the natural world.

All events are free to watch online.



Virtual Museum: 13 ways to explore from home



Try This at Home - craft ideas from the Natural History Museum


The Science Museum


Take a virtual tour with Google - Click Here


Learning Resources - Click Here