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Lockdown Diaries

Mias New Forest Visit with her dog Poppy to visit the ponies

Matthew & Elizabeth have been very busy holding a charity litter picking event for Tearfund! They've collected four bags of litter from Barton Beach and clifftop already! Tearfund supports those in poverty and those in disadvantaged communities. What a wonderful and thoughtful idea! Keep up the great work!

Tallulah and Evangeline have been exploring letter writing as an extra activity during our home school learning. They have each written letters with beautiful handwriting to their great grandparents, grandparents and friends. They both decided it would be nice to send a letter and a rainbow to the Queen. Today both girls received a response from Windsor Castle. They are so excited to have a personal letter from the lady in waiting.

Evangeline and Tallulah designed a rainbow with Lulah completing a creative writing piece for the rainbow trail competitions. Both girls have been chosen and they have their rainbows on display in the common along with Tallulah's creative writing. The girls are very proud to be part of the trail and we are proud of them too.


Amber and Eden, Year 2, drew rainbows for the rainbow trial and they've been to visit them in Riverside Park. Eden also contributed a story called Molly's Cat and this is displayed on the common. They'll be visiting it over the summer.

Mia & Eddie - Y3 & Nursery - Having fun during lock-down: crafts, walks, riding bikes, cooking, playing 🙂

Anaiya, Year 2, has been on a super hero hunt, baked bread and cakes, done some sewing, been to the beach for a walk, dressed up as a fairy. She has cooked in her home made kitchen in the back of the garden. And she made a socially distant play doh model with Lego friends on two islands and designed a dress with red lentils and kidney beans.

Here is a salt dough creation made by Zack, Zoe and Scott (years 6 and 3)

This is a keepsake to remind them of lockdown which we have kept along with our letter from Boris Johnson 
We have incorporated the rainbow on it to remind us of the NHS


The method to make this was 

500g plain flour

250g salt

250g water


We mixed to form the dough, extra flour required so it doesn’t stick to the surface 

We made our plaque Shape then did handprints

This was then baked in the oven on the lowest setting for approx 4-5 hours. 


Richard 1

Zoe has used up her brothers unwanted Easter eggs to make marshmallow Rice Krispie cakes

Scott was sent his virtual awards ceremony for the end of season for his Sunday league football team ‘Wimborne and Holt’ as they were unable to host their usual awards night. Scott came away with his player trophy and an extra one for supporters player voted for by the parents of the team.

Joanna did the national oak academy yr2 lessons on space (highly recommend!) and learnt the order of the planets and a fact about each planet complete with actions! 


She also wrote this brilliant mixed up fairytale from the English videos (we spent a while this week thinking about exciting adjectives):

We made planet/moon/star cookies:


Come to the moon with Charles, Joanna and Bethany!

For the latest theme - space. It's life with the Lawson's Jim - but not as we know it!

Jungle safari

How many animals can you see in this video?

Aaryan, Year 3, "I got my bike this summer and I am very happy with it. Sharing my happiness with you all".

Once again,Mia has a brand new gummy smile 😊


Before lockdown Year 1 were very busy growing their own super-potatoes which Mrs Nailor has very kindly been taking care of in our absence. The potatoes were harvested and weighed this week. 1S were the winners with 925g of potatoes with 1C's potatoes weighing 796g!

Aaryan, Year 3

Harry has been speaking with his uncle on video messenger

George, Year 2 and birthday sausage rolls from his neighbours

Sheldon Year 5 is making Zentangles and Seamus Year 2 is trimming the grass from the terrarium he made.

Poppy, Year 4. For my entry I decided I wanted to celebrate the NHS and say thank you to as many of the staff and volunteers as possible. I made an interactive bunting for decoration. It has tablets from the pharmacy that can lift off and be restuck, a large open mouth with dentistry tools, a patient who gets in and out of bed, a GPS bag with equipment inside. I also made an X-ray for radiology, wrote a short poem explaining the celebration idea. A telephone for the receptionists, 111 operators and all other phone operators. There is also a sewn pair of nurses scrubs with needle to celebrate nurses and volunteers who have given time to sew for the NHS and an opticians chart. This is my entry for the thank you NHS competition.

Alexis in Year R.

Isla, Year 1

Sheldon, Year 5, has been making a Victoria Sponge for VE Day and has been learning about the end of the Shang Dynasty on the Oak Academy site.

George Year 2 Kayaking with his Dad, Riverside Park for his 7th birthday

Hawaii theme night

Joanna and her brother have been sending their teacher songs/ activities that they have been doing during this time.

Joanna's presentation about France

This is Joanna's first PowerPoint presentation. I helped with quite a lot of things but she pasted the images and did all the writing.

Book theme - Topsy and Tim

La tête, les epaulet, les genoux et les pieds

Part of our French theme for the week.

Sajini has been doing a poster to warn children and adults about Corona Virus. Check it out!

Alfie has learnt to fish and caught a big one! He has been creative and painted some lovely pictures. He also had a birthday in lockdown! Him and his family have been clapping for the NHS. They also fed lots of ducks,Swans and fish. Amazing!

Lara has been visiting with the Borrowers

Lillie and Lexie have been super busy during lockdown; they've made tie dying t-shirts which look amazing. They also did more baking using scales and jugs, counting pennies from their money boxes, and lots of fun activities. Fantastic job Lillie and Lexie!

Olive’s “borrowers room”

Reed, Year 5, I hope you’ve had a nice week off. We haven’t really done that much although we did have what should have been our holiday-day on Sunday. We had a lovely day starting with a cooked breakfast, a couple of hours down the beach (until it began to get busy), paddling pool fun at home and our favourite food and ice cream. We even did the airport bit where we had a Burger King (mums best thing as no cooking) with Paddington the film on the way there and Paddington 2 for the way back.

Jakub worked really hard on building his Borrower's house. He even did a fantastic job writing and explaining which materials he used to create it. Great work Jakub!

Julia has made a wonderful job at creating her amazing Borrower's home. She was very creative in her work and has used all sorts of different materials to make this wonderful work of art. Brilliant Julia!

Nathan has created his Borrower's in a very creative way. Fantastic effort Nathan!

Harrison has used his creative skills and woodworking abilities to make this amazing rainbow heart as a big THANK YOU to the NHS. Fantastic work Harrison!

Lena, Year 3 has been making a Borrowers' house

Here’s some pictures of George and his homemade Nerf-gun belt. He had fun designing and using the sewing machine.

Alexandra Y5 - more things to share :)

Lana in year R has been making play doh, baking biscuits, lots of arts and crafts, doing online ballet lessons, practising riding her bike & her online school work. Amazing work Lana!

Edward, Year 3, has been busy in the garden and...

Mia has a new smile 😊

Carys, Year 3, has had fun creating this Borrower house

IMG 1773

Dear Miss Wakeling,

We hope you are well and taking some time to relax. We cannot thank you and colleagues enough for all your hard work over the last weeks. As a show of our appreciation we have made a short video. We hope it makes you smile. Please feel free to share with your colleagues if you think they would enjoy it.

Kindest regards
Alex and family

Sebastian, Year 3, has been working on the burrowers.

The Domino family live in a cardboard pizza box on top of the kitchen cupboards. The funny thing about that is, their favourite food is also pizza. The box is held open buy two kabab skewers which are decorated with red and blue sparkly tinsel. There is brown string tied across the two polls, which hangs across the middle of the ceiling. Hanging from the string is a yellow ribbon that has a lolly stick attached at both ends to make a swing. They have a chest of draws made from a match box that has a screw to open and close it. This is used to store their tissues. They need a lot of tissues as it is very dusty on top of the kitchen cupboards, and they are always sneezing. They have a sofa made out of a darts case and 2 washing up sponges cut in half. One pink, one blue. There are three bunk beds made from three toilet rolls with a napkin wrapped around it and napkin blankets. There is a coffee table made out of a Cellotape roll, with a playing card on top. They use 2 brass radiator end caps as bowls. There is a candle on top of the chest of draws. Which they use for heat. To light the room they use a car light bulb attached to a battery using speaker wire.  


By Emily Rush 3CH

Ayana in year 4. The Borrowers project was so much fun, creativity and imagination! She made the crayons from tooth sticks. This is how she describes the Borrowers' house: "The symmetrical cardboard shelves for the food are really nice. My small toy chicken was very useful for the little Borrowers to support the shelves. They had a brilliant idea when they thought to use my mother's round powder box as a table for reading and colouring. They used two square sponges from my sister's earrings boxes to sit on. Comfortable chairs, don't you think? They even 'borrowed' my red velvet jewellery box to keep cookies in it. They found two beaded coasters handmade by my grandma and they used them as luxurious carpets. They are very sneaky. Be careful not to have on these families in your house, otherwise, bye bye stuff! 😉 So, as I was saying, they took most of my toys, even one of my favourite Lego mixes only to use it as their table! Check all corners around your house, don't let them trick you!"


We love hearing her teacher over the phone and talking about lessons and how Ayana spends her time every week. We are also delighted to hear familiar voices during the lessons- her current teacher Miss Dear and her former teachers from Bitterne Park Primary School Miss Pellow and Mr Quill. Ayana was thrilled to take part in the Maths competition as well! Thank you for the hard work, you have done an amazing job keeping the children connected with the learning process and helping them have a schedule to hold on to and progress in these uncertain times. You have been very professional and kept the children's best interest at heart.

Thank you again!

Lena, year 3

Colbie, Year 3, has been creating window art

Ewan, Year 4, made a Borrowers House

Ollie had fun in the garden at the weekend. He walked over shark, crocodile (and elephant!) infested waters and managed not to fall in! Then his monster trucks had a go! We also found a bird in our garden which appeared to be unable to fly. Ollie named the bird Gary and made him a shelter. We gave him some food and water and fortunately later in the day Gary must have felt much better as he flew away. He's been back to visit a few times as he now knows he can get a free meal!

Eva and Maja have created a mini Time Capsule; they've put in a hole in the wall before it was filled and the room redecorated.

Benjamin year 2 , has started to write his own comic book also he did volcano experiment, rocket and a lot of baking. He has made Mr Potato head display for NHS which has been admired by many people walking on our road.

George,Year 2, has been pond dipping

Manna has been learning about William the Conquerer and the Bayeaux Tapestry. She has learnt all about it and then created her own. She’s also learnt about smugglers and done a word cloud based on ‘The Smuggler’s Song’ by Rudyard Kipling.

Maya and Eva have done some wonderful colouring,made amazing dens and had fun sleeping out in the garden in their tent. Eva started her own project: write about our Royal family tree!

Mia wanted to share her picture with you that she done. Stay Safe

Georgina, Year 2 and Samuel, Nursery, have been very busy doing lots of different thing. They have been baking, playing with lots of lego, planting seeds, making a rock band, drawing pictures, having online karate lessons and Georgina celebrated her birthday. They have also been out clapping on Thursday nights.

Aaryan, Year 3, has been producing some wonderful artwork

Sophie has been practising her writing and has written her first letter today about this weeks topic 'Dear Zoo'. Sophie loved choosing her own animals and writing her own letter independently and so neatly.

Ryan and Olivia have made a bird feeder and bug houses. They have also baked their dog's birthday cake. They also played chess.

Charlie is very proud of his handwriting and the puzzle he completed with mummy.He has also been very busy helping his mummy and daddy on the garden.

Keira, Year1

Mia Year 1 enjoying playing with her toys, having fun in the garden and concentrating doing her maths and making VE flags for VE Day.

Finley made a bug house and a wooden dog named Sparky

For Easter the girls received a parcel containing caterpillars. Over the next few weeks Tallulah and Evangeline watched the life cycle process of five caterpillars and we even managed to film a butterfly hatching. "It was so cool!".

Butterfly hatching.mp4

Still image for this video

Benjamin and his younger brother Liam start off each morning exercising to Jo Wicks. They planted some sunflower seeds to see whose grows the tallest and have even helped wash the cars. Benjamin has also been baking, painting, reading, doing arts and crafts via facetime with his nan, writing letters to his friends and attending Beavers and football sessions via zoom. He has also grown massive confidence cycling on main roads with us. When Benjamin isn't doing school work he even squeezes in time to be a superhero with his homemade Captain America shield

Luna and Calista

Chloe, year 2, made VE day bunting

Freddie Year 4 has been doing some lockdown baking! yum.

Harry Year 3

Paignton. This is my pet snail and snail house

Asher and Kellen, year R

Emmy from Year 2 has been a busy bee! She has been doing lots of gymnastics practice, online karate lessons, bike riding and scootering, playing with her sister Thea (year 1) and baking cakes. Emmy even wanted to wash our car! We have squeezed in some school work! 😊 attached is also a video of Emmy doing a backflip by herself! 🤸🏼‍♀️

20200404_161220 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Thea has been busy with online karate lessons, playing with her toys and her sister, catching bubbles like a superhero, enjoying the nice weather outside, baking cakes and arts and crafts as well as her school work! 😊 🦸🏼‍♀️

Libby has been very busy during lockdown: She has practiced her yoga moves, she's been having loads of fun in the garden enjoying the warm weather and learning how to ride her bike without stabilizers. She attempted some tie dye and has been playing lots of games.

Oliver, Year 4, has written about lockdown, which he shared with his teacher on his weekly calls.

Amelia Year 1

Tabatha from Year 1 made for her Grandma's birthday.

Still image for this video

Jessica has been enjoying lots of different activities during the lockdown including some online beavers session zoom.

The Lights - Harry 3, George 2 and Oscar

George in Year 2

Erin, Year4 is a wiz in the kitchen