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The Partnership Learning Platform


Week Commencing Monday 27th April

Art - Sea Creatures

Growth Mindset - Active Adam

Humpty Dumpty Words - Activity 1 Rainbow Writing Example

High Frequency Words - Online Games


Please see below links to online games that allow your children to practise their Humpty Dumpty Words.


  1. – this online popcorn popping game has 3 levels to keep your children busy. Listen to the tricky word and click the right box.


  1. PhonicsPlay – Tricky word trucks – children can choose their truck which will go past with a tricky word on. Children to shout out what the word is. There are some great phonics and reading games on here also.


  1. Rainbow Game – This site does require you to sign up, however it is FREE to do so. This game involves children listening and finding the correct word in the clouds to make the cloud a rainbow. There are lots of good games on this website however you can only play a limited amount a month for free.


  1. RoytheZebra Games – This is a great game for spelling tricky words. After recognising and reading tricky words, it is important children begin to practise spelling them correctly so that they can put them into their writing.
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People and Communities - Oceans

Personal Social and Emotional Developmet

Physical Development

Physical Development - Warm up

Physical Development - Farm animal movements

Physical Development - Cool down

R.E. - Living Differences - Introduction to special clothes

Science - Materials - Recycling