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It has been lovely to talk to all parents and many of the children this week. Its so lovely to hear their voices or imagine the nods in response to my questions.


Nursery is all about learning through play. Learning and play are interlinked, so play is learning.


The marvel of play is that our children learn so much by experimenting, testing ideas, mastering skills and using their imagination. It is so natural for children to play and enjoy the things they plan to do. This is a joy to observe and be a part of as a nursery practitioner.


Hello Nursery Boys and Girls,


It has been lovely talking with your grown-ups this week. I miss each of your smiley faces. I know that it is a bit strange being at home all of the time. I am finding this hard too, as I do love to play and learn with you at nursery.

Nursery is still closed but it's OK, all of our toys are safe and enjoying a long rest.

Have you made a rainbow for your window? I really enjoy looking at the rainbows when I go for my daily walk. They make me smile and feel happy.


I will be phoning your grown-ups again next week. Hopefully I may be able to talk to you. Grown up phones are clever but my picture will not be there, please don't be sad that you cannot see me. We can talk just like we do when we pretend at nursery. You can tell me about what you are doing at home.


Stay Safe.

Love from Sam x